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Seamless IRA Rollovers, Transparent Investing.

Transitioning between jobs or moving into a new phase of your financial journey can bring significant decisions, especially regarding your retirement savings. A common and crucial step for many employees and high-net-worth individuals is managing their 401(k) funds effectively. At Whitney & Company, we specialize in simplifying this transition through IRA Rollovers, providing a transparent, cost-effective, and strategic approach to managing your retirement savings.

Why Consider
an IRA Rollover?

Broader Investment Options: Unlike 401(k) plans, which typically have a limited investment selection, an IRA Rollover offers access to a wider range of investment options, including individual stocks, bonds, and ETFs, allowing for a tailored investment strategy.

Consolidated Accounts: Rolling over former employers’ 401(k)s into a single IRA can simplify your financial landscape, making it easier to manage and track your retirement assets.

Potential Fee Reduction: Many 401(k) plans come with administrative and fund-specific fees. Fees on Fees! An IRA Rollover with Whitney & Company can often reduce these fees, as highlighted by a study showing that the average expense ratio for an IRA is often lower than a 401(k)’s average total plan cost.

The Whitney & Company Advantage

Transparency in Investments: Our approach ensures that you understand where your money is invested and why, with clear explanations and straightforward fee structures. We invest in individual Equities and work with the best Fixed Income managers in the industry.

Lower Fee Structure: We strive to minimize costs associated with your investments, ensuring more of your money works for you.

Comprehensive Wealth and Retirement Planning: Beyond the rollover, we offer extensive planning services to align your retirement assets with your broader financial goals and lifestyle aspirations.

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Steps to a
Successful IRA Rollover

Evaluate Your Current 401(k)​

Assess the investment options, fees, and features of your current plan compared to the potential IRA.

Choose the Right IRA Provider

Partner with a firm that offers the investment choices, guidance, and fee structure that align with your needs. Whitney & Company prides itself on transparent, client-focused services.

Understand Tax Implications

Typically, traditional 401(k) funds rolled over to a traditional IRA maintain their tax-deferred status. However, rolling over to a Roth IRA could have tax implications.We will help navigate this and come up with the most tax efficient strategy to maximize your retirement.

Decide Between Direct & Indirect Rollover

A direct rollover transfers funds directly from your 401(k) to your IRA, avoiding taxes and penalties. An indirect rollover involves receiving a check and depositing the funds into your new IRA within 60 days.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Ignoring Rollover Timelines: Failing to deposit funds from an indirect rollover within 60 days can lead to taxes and penalties.

Overlooking Employer Stock: Special tax rules apply to company stock in a 401(k), which may be more beneficial tax-wise to not roll over.

Forgetting Old 401(k)s: Don’t leave accounts unattended when changing jobs. A rollover can consolidate and potentially reduce fees and simplify management.

An IRA Rollover can be a strategic move in your financial journey, offering more control, flexibility, and potentially lower costs. Whitney & Company is committed to guiding you through this process with a focus on transparency, personalized investment strategies, and comprehensive financial planning. Let us help you align your retirement savings with your broader financial goals, paving a clear path toward a secure and fulfilling retirement.


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